Future-proof your performance career with an accelerated Artist Diploma.

Imagine an apprenticeship at all of the world's leading orchestras within the span of 6 months. That's OAcademy.

Open to rising orchestra instrument players around the world.

Why join OAcademy

About Orchestra Academy

OAcademy is a global music conservatory tailored to a new generation. Member of The European Association of Conservatories, OAcademy offers an accelerated Artist Diploma co-curated with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, the MET Opera musicians, Curtis Institute of Music-affiliated principals, and Harvard University’s DRCLAS, among other leading institutions. See all curating partners.

Led by icons from Yo-Yo Ma to Marin Alsop, from Gabriela Montero to Gil Shaham. OAcademy is accessible to participants from anywhere in the world from the convenience of home studios. Open to all orchestra instrument players in the early stages of entering a professional life in music. While there is no age limit, an undergraduate level of playing is expected.

6 months

of participant-centered
workshops & masterclasses


iconic mentors


hours of immersive training


professional Artist Diploma


accessibility from anywhere


100% interactive curriculum

Curating institutions

World-class Faculty

Yo-Yo Ma

Citizen Artist

Marin Alsop

Vienna Radio Symphony

Gil Shaham

Grammy-winning Soloist

Rafael Payare

Montréal Symphony

Alisa Weilerstein

MacArthur Fellow

Sarah Willis

Berlin Philharmonic

Rafael Payare

Montréal Symphony

Alisa Weilerstein

MacArthur Fellow

Sarah Willis

Berlin Philharmonic

Yo-Yo Ma

Citizen Artist

Gil Shaham

Grammy-winning Soloist

Marin Alsop

Vienna Radio Symphony

OAcademy Artist Diploma

Offered by a select group of the world’s top music conservatories, the Artist Diploma is the universal standard of professional readiness for music performers. The OAcademy Artist Diploma is a fast-track professional certificate that prepares rising career musicians for the complex demands of an evolving performance industry.

OAcademy delivers holistic development training for the 21st century musician-performer-artist. Working with the world’s foremost artists, educators and industry leaders, the program trains a selected group of musicians worldwide on performance excellence and professional career development.

The learning track of the OAcademy Artist Diploma is designed to build and strengthen versatile skill sets through a suite of modules and projects, equipping musicians to excel within and beyond the music industry. With performance training at the heart of the learning, fellows immerse in the latest practices to develop their careers and lead within their communities, whilst honing transversal skills – from collaboration to leadership and reflection – in every project.

The learner’s journey

OAcademy’s fast-track Artist Diploma experience starts in January and ends in late June 2023. The schedule and pace were designed to fit within the busy schedules of conservatory students and working orchestra musicians alike, with up to 7 hours of live activities twice a week, and self-scheduled studio classes every other week, in addition to self-paced creative projects and independent study time.

The learning journey consists of six core components leading up to multi-step juries, which conclude a 6-month journey towards graduating industry-ready with an Artist Diploma.

Thank you for including me in the virtuoso masterclass broadcast around the world. Amazing how technology can bring us together.

— Anne Akiko Meyers | Avery Fisher Career Grant recipient, violin

Thank you for this academy... The students are worth it!

— Jacqueline Pickett | Columbus Symphony Orchestra & LaGrange Symphony Orchestra, Principal bass

OAcademy fellows demonstrate such professionalism and artistic awareness. Proud to serve!

— Elizabeth Hainen | Philadelphia Orchestra, Principal harp

OAcademy is the answer!

— Yo-Yo Ma | Citizen Artist, cello

I can only think of one word: PROUD and so happy to be a part of all of this.

— Martin Schippers | Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Tenor & bass trombone

How does OAcademy accelerate career goals?

I’ve learned so much at OAcademy. It has opened my mind towards new paths and enabled me to meet amazing people.

— María Loría Valerín | harp, Costa Rica

OAcademy is changing the world of music education - bringing knowledge, experiences, networks and hope for the bright future of the performing arts!

— José Ignacio Santos | clarinet, Dominican Republic & USA

A dream come true 🥰

— Jonathan Rivera | double bass, Mexico


There is no cost to apply to the OAcademy Artist Diploma.

A $1,485 enrollment fee is required from all accepted Fellows to take part in the 6-month OAcademy Orchestra Institute Artist Diploma.

The full cost of administering the 2023 OAcademy Orchestra Institute Artist Diploma is $11,485 USD per participant. A network of OAcademy partners and sponsors subsidizes the program, allowing all accepted OAcademy fellows to automatically be awarded a $10,000 USD fellowship bursary that reduces participation costs from $11,485 USD to $1,485 USD per person.

If you are invited to take part in OAcademy, your place in the Cohort is only confirmed upon receipt of your enrollment fee or a deposit. You must submit your enrollment fee within two weeks of being invited to take part. There are two payment options: Full enrollment fee paid within two weeks of being invited to take part (with a discount of $150 USD) or a deposit of $650 USD paid within two weeks of being invited to take part, with remaining $835 due on 1 December. All enrollment fee payments are non-refundable.



OAcademy is open to all orchestra instrument players worldwide. There is no age limit and no formal degree is required. However, bear in mind that an undergrad level of playing is expected, as well as an ability to communicate in English with ease.

There is no application fee for OAcademy. All accepted Fellows will receive a scholarship covering tuition and reducing enrolment fees. Check the "Cost" section above to see which fees apply.

Although not replacing in person experience, online learning offers a unique addition to conventional studies, overcoming geographical barriers and unlocking unlimited possibilities to connect globally. OAcademy’s star-studded Faculty could not be found in one physical location as such, offering a unique experience of incredible value. With a proper device and a reliable internet connection, online lessons can be extremely effective and enjoyable. Most importantly, none of OAcademy's learning content is pre-recorded. Every session is live and interactive allowing a tailored and individualized approach to our Fellows' learning goals.

OAcademy is designed to be a virtual-first interactive experience. Through our network of partners, top-performing Fellows might be invited to join in-person training and performing opportunities as part of the extended OAcademy journey. The in-person activities are subject to confirmation and change, depending on travel restrictions, available programs, et cetera.

OAcademy is designed for rising orchestra musicians of exceptional talent seeking to expand their performance training and have an extra edge on the job market. Full-time conservatory students and aspiring professionals alike are welcome to apply.

English is the official language of instruction at OAcademy, as well as the lingua franca in the music business worldwide. A comfortable level of comprehension and communication will be a prerequisite at OAcademy.

Auditioning for auxiliary instruments is not a requirement but it is encouraged when possible; it demonstrates versatility and adds to the strength of your audition (this applies to timpani, B-flat Clarinet & Bass Clarinet, English Horn and Contrabassoon).

Currently, OAcademy does not offer spots for orchestral pianists. If you are a pianist pursuing a solo career, we encourage you to applying for the Gabriela Montero Piano Lab. Click here for more information.

OAcademy’s curriculum and activities span from January and end of June 2023. All online activities take place on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, between 10am – 3pm Eastern Time (NYC). However, note that activities vary weekly and that you may not be required to be present for the full period between 10am - 3pm ET. The weekly time commitment ranges from 6-10 hours of both mandatory and voluntary on-screen activities, and involves up to 4 hours of independent work, including study, practice, team projects, and recordings.

  • Internet
    Having access to reliable Internet access and a functioning device is essential to participate successfully in OAcademy. 
  • Device
    While it is possible to connect using smartphones for workshops and lectures, sessions that involve instrument playing, such as masterclasses and studio lessons, will require access to either a tablet or computer.  
  • Auxiliary audio equipment
    All accepted Fellows must have access to headphones. External microphones are highly recommended.
  • Software
    OAcademy uses Zoom for all sessions. Other software might be required, but will be communicated in due course. OAcademy Fellows are not required to purchase any licenses to use software required for participation. 

Full participation and attendance at required sessions is a prerequisite for successful completion of the program and certification. In addition to required sessions, Fellows also have the opportunity to participate in optional activities from time to time.

Participation is mandatory at required sessions throughout OAcademy. In special cases, limited permission to be absent from a few sessions can be granted upon request if related to professional opportunities, documented health-related reasons, or other urgent personal matters discussed with the OAcademy administration in advance. Any ongoing or excessive number of unexcused absences will be grounds for removal from OAcademy.

OAcademy’s curriculum covers all aspects of orchestral and performance life, under the tutelage of some of the world’s leading principals and artists. Orchestra-specific curriculum covers instrumental technique and artistry, leadership-oriented masterclasses for principals and concertmasters, virtuoso training, orchestra repertoire workshops under prominent conductors, and more.

An online orchestra session is an interactive comprehensive study of the orchestral repertoire. It offers a unique opportunity for in-depth analysis and internalization of the orchestral canon involving live cross-instrumental performance, feedback and guidance.

All OAcademy Fellows who complete mandatory modules and projects will graduate with an accelerated Artist Diploma.

A member of The Orchestra of the Americas Group, OAcademy is a global virtual music conservatory and is a separate entity from The Orchestra of the Americas.

Announcements concerning future seasons of The Orchestra of the Americas will be made at the appropriate time.

Other questions? Write to us: apply@oacademy.live
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