Enhance your creative potential and jumpstart your composing career with an accelerated Artist Diploma.

Envision being a part of a creative community made of today’s foremost composers and industry-leading artists. That’s Gabriela Ortiz Composing Studio, by OAcademy.

Open to 10 rising composers of any nationality, 18 y.o. and above.


In partnership with

About Gabriela Ortiz Composing Studio

The Gabriela Ortiz Composing Studio by OAcademy is a nine-month virtual lab offered in partnership with Harvard University DRCLAS. Open to 10 innovative composers earlier in the career development, participants will train with and receive mentorship from a range of leading music creators across the field, all under the guidance of celebrated Mexican composer Gabriela Ortiz.

Through its curriculum of dynamic coursework and supportive resources, fellows graduate with the professional recordings, supercharged portfolio, and enhanced network needed to take the next step in a successful global composing career.


Marcos Balter

Erin Busch

Gonzalo Grau

Jennifer Higdon

Missy Mazzoli

Gabriela Montero

Chris Theofanidis

Gabriela Ortiz


Marcos Balter

Erin Busch

Gonzalo Grau

Jennifer Higdon

Missy Mazzoli

Gabriela Montero

Chris Theofanidis

Gabriela Ortiz

Donnacha Dennehey



Tyshawn Sorey

Jeremy Beck

Anne Midgette

Vanessa Rose

Gabriela Lena Frank

Daniel Dorff

Melissa Dunphy

Aiyana Braun

More to be announced.

OAcademy Artist Diploma

Tailored to the busy lives of rising musicians on-the-go, the OAcademy Artist Diploma is a fast-track professional certificate that prepares rising composers for the complex demands of an evolving performance industry.

The Gabriela Ortiz Composing Fellowship unfolds across 40 weeks, with group coursework from January to June 2023 and a self-study period from September through October.

Fellows graduate with a high-quality recording of a new work for the ATLYS Quartet, a portfolio of self-marketing materials, an international network of composers and change-making artists, and the resources to take the next step in their composition career.

Each accepted fellow engages in:


The value of Composing Studio is assessed at $10,000 USD per participant. All accepted musicians participate on full scholarships raised by The Orchestra of the Americas Group, and accordingly are not required to pay the $10,000 USD participation value.

To join the program, 2023 OAcademy Fellows must pay a one-time enrolment of $2,500 USD, payable upon acceptance.


Who should apply

The Gabriela Ortiz Composing Studio by OAcademy is a nine-month, immersive journey leading up to an Artist Diploma. Designed in partnership with a range of career composers and guided by Gabriela Ortiz herself, the curriculum is best suited for classically trained composers who wish to refine their craft, make connections, and have a deepdive insight into “the industry”. The Studio is open to ten innovative composers from around the world, all walks of life, and of any age.


No, participants will receive most scores via online links. That being said, conductors are encouraged to purchase scores wherever possible. Advice regarding which scores to purchase (which edition / publisher etc) will be available throughout the course).

Fellows receive a certificate of completion at the end of the Carlos Miguel Prieto Fellowship.

  • Internet
    Having access to reliable Internet access and a functioning device is essential to participate successfully in the GMPL.
  • Device
    While it is possible to connect using smartphones for extra workshops and lectures, any activities involving instrument playing require access to either tablet or computer.  
  • Auxiliary audio equipment
    All accepted Fellows must have access to headphones. External microphones are highly recommended.
  • Software
    OAcademy and GMPL sessions are accessible via Zoom.  Other software might be required, but will be communicated in due course. Fellows are not required to purchase any licenses to use software required for participation.



  • Audition concept / design:

    The panel has designed the audition procedure in the hope that applicants don’t need to spend a long time preparing / recording / formatting videos. Video 1 and Video 2 are designed to be short tasks. Video 3 and Video 4 may be any current video you have of yourself conducting. The panel is happy to view Videos 3 and 4 from any time position: please just indicate the time from which you’d like the panel to view your video.

  • Why is Video 1 (Mozart: Symphony no. 41, 1st movement) required to be in silence, without an orchestra / ensemble / piano / recording / singing?

    The audition panel feels that it is important that every applicant undertakes an identical task so that the best possible decisions can be made. Furthermore, this video presents an opportunity for a conductor to show how compelling they are: if you cannot be compelling in silence, it is unlikely you will be able to effectively compel an ensemble to follow your lead.

  • Why are ‘silent’ conducting videos accepted for Video 3 and Video 4?

    Whilst it is important that applicants regularly undertake opportunities to conduct ensembles and orchestras, the panel understands that logistical considerations may prevent some applicants from achieving this within the audition time-frame. Therefore, in the hope of ensuring that these auditions are open to all, we are permitting ‘silent’ videos. (Please note that the audition panel recognises that your application is likely to be stronger if you do include videos of yourself conducting an ensemble / orchestra.)

  • Must I submit a recently recorded video?

    No. Your videos may have been recorded at any time.

I’ve learned so much at OAcademy. It has opened my mind towards new paths and enabled me to meet amazing people.

— María Loría Valerín | harp, Costa Rica

OAcademy is changing the world of music education - bringing knowledge, experiences, networks and hope for the bright future of the performing arts!

— José Ignacio Santos | clarinet, Dominican Republic & USA

A dream come true 🥰

— Jonathan Rivera | double bass, Mexico

Other questions? Write to us: apply@oacademy.live
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