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OAcademy conservatory experience is open to rising orchestra professionals, concert pianists, conductors, and composers worldwide. Earn your accelerated professional artist diploma and graduate industry-ready.

Application process

Step 1: Create your individual profile on

Application only takes a few minutes. To help our jury get to know you, we encourage you to make your Muvac profile as complete as possible.

Step 2: Finish & submit complete application for your instrument or specialty before October 15, 2022*

Make sure to include a 350-character bio as well as any recordings required for your Artist Diploma Track.

* Admission to OAcademy is rolling – applications will be evaluated as they are received and spots awarded immediately to top-scoring candidates.

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Check which materials are required for your Artist Diploma track

Video recordings of two contrasting pieces of your own choice, with or without accompaniment. Yes, it's that easy. Recent recordings preferred. And of course, make sure to show off your best performance skills.

Submit maximum of 4 videos. They do not need to be recent videos - submit your best work from any point in your conducting career.


  • VIDEO 1: Mozart: Symphony no. 41, 1st movement, beginning until bar 38.
  • VIDEO 2: Submit a video of yourself answering the following question:"In your opinion, what are the most important qualities of a conductor? Describe why these qualities are necessary for the ideal conductors of the future."
    Your answer should be a maximum of two minutes in length.
  • VIDEO 3 and VIDEO 4 (optional): Submit up to two videos of your choice, conducting either a rehearsal or a concert. Videos must be at least 5 minutes in length.

Submit a maximum of 3 recent video recordings that showcase virtuosity and individuality as a pianist in the most complete way that you can.

Video Notes:

Whilst no fixed repertoire is required, please ensure that there is contrast between at least two of your selected pieces in respect to character, period and style. Your audition repertoire should also feature at least one solo piece, without accompaniment.

The minimum total length of all submitted music materials is 15 minutes and there is no maximum time limit. Except in the event of special circumstances, music materials should be current or recorded within the past 12 months.

All videos should be uploaded to YouTube and set to either public or unlisted, and the description of the video must include your full name, the name of the piece/composer, and the date of recording.


  • any scores that you would like the committee to consider (maximum of three files)
  • any corresponding score audio files (or share as streaming links). Live recordings are preferred, but MIDI realizations are also acceptable.


Bassoon vacancy – Academy
Carlos Miguel Prieto Conducting Fellowship – Academy
Cello vacancy – Academy
Clarinet vacancy – Academy
Double Bass vacancy – Academy
Flute vacancy – Academy
French Horn vacancy – Academy
Gabriela Montero Piano Lab – Academy
Gabriela Ortiz Composing Studio – Academy
Harp vacancy – Academy
Oboe vacancy – Academy
Percussion/Timpani vacancy – Academy
Trombone vacancy – Academy
Trumpet vacancy – Academy
Tuba vacancy – Academy
Viola vacancy – Academy
Violin vacancy – Academy


Application to all OAcademy Artist Diploma tracks is free. All accepted OAcademy Fellows are awarded scholarships valued between $10,000 USD and $15,300 USD in tuition costs and honoraria for the world-class Faculty, mentors, and academic module leaders.

Thanks to a number of benefactors and supporters, the cost per 2023 OAcademy Fellow is reduced to only a fraction of the cost, which amounts to a one-time enrollment fee paid upon acceptance.

Visit the program page to learn about which fees apply.


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